Why Go On A Road Trip From Ahmedabad To Surat?

Admired for its rich natural, cultural and architectural heritage, Surat is one of the most striking city of Gujarat. This city of diamonds accounts for 90% of the world’s total rough diamond cutting and polishing business. Being the eighth largest city in India, Surat attracts everyone ranging from fashion moguls to art curators through its coastal graciousness, and historic romanticism. Everything here has something to say. Starting from beaches and museums to shopping malls and temples, Surat beholds several things to mesmerize its tourists. If you are planning a road trip from Ahmedabad to Surat via taxi, here are a few things you simply cannot afford to miss:

1. Dumas Beach:

Infamously known for paranormal activities, this beach is still one of the top-spot for tourists during day. The beach is stationed about 13 miles southwest of Surat along the Arabian Sea. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most graceful and exquisite beaches, however, amidst all the natural magnificence lies several paranormal stories awaiting for answers.

This beach is also famous for its black sand. According to an old legend, once upon a time this beach was used as a crematorium and due to the burial of dead bodies, the sand here has turned black. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places in India. If you are ready to explore this scary yet splendorous natural beach, book a cab from Ahmedabad to Surat today!

2. Dutch Garden:

A perfect escape from the bustling city life, Dutch Garden provides its visitor’s space to revivify their routine lives. It is designed in European style and is very well-maintained. The flowing water of river Tapi besides the park adds more to the vividness of the park and helps visitors relax and rejuvenate their positive spirits of life.

Along with the scenic beauty, this garden also contains cemeteries of the officers who came and settled in Gujarat during their business ventures. The huge and imposing tombs make the English and Dutch cemeteries stand apart from the crowd. Thus, if you love to see natural places such as the Dutch Garden, book Ahmedabad to Surat taxi today.


3. Surat Castle:

Built on the banks of river Tapi and in the 16th century, the castle has 4 meter-thick walls and; 12 meter-high battlements. The fort was tied through iron strips and molten lead was used to fill all its joints making it strong and impenetrable. The architecture of the castle is truly remarkable and reflects the medieval Sultanate architectural styles.

Monsoon is best favorable to visit the castle and it typically takes up to 1.5 to 2 hours to make the most of your visit to this castle. It is certainly the best place to visit if you love visiting such historical monuments.

4. Vansda National Park:

Located 130 km from Surat and 310 km from Vadodara, Vansda is a conserved wildlife area consisting animals such as leopard, wild boar, four-horned antelope, Hanuman langur, common palm civet, small Indian civet, rhesus macaque, Indian porcupine and many more. Snakes like Russell’s viper, cobras, and kraits have also been found here. Apart from this, Vansda National park is home to more than 155 species of birds, 121 species of spiders, and 443 species of plants. An interesting fact about this park is that no trees have been cut down since 1952!

Thus, if you are a wild-life lover, this is for you. Whether you’re from Baroda or Surat – with Beep, you can easily book Ahmedabad to Surat cabs one way to experience this amazing wild-life.

5. Botanical Garden:

Botanical Garden Surat, famously known as “Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden” is a picturesque garden located on the bank of river Tapi in the Ugat area of Surat. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place in this bustling city then Botanical Garden Of Surat is the perfect choice for you.

This serene place is the habitat of more than 1000 plant species. Nowadays it has become one of the most visited attractions for tourist and residents. Lush green garden, Helium Balloon, Toy Train these add more to the attractions enticing visitors, especially children spend time in the garden.

 Road Trip Ahemdabad to Surat

6. Science Centre:

A wonderful destination for a curious mind! Science center is home to a spectacular planetarium that that hots 3D as well as 4D shows on a regular basis. Depending upon the time of the week you are visiting, there are many shows with varying themes – which makes your each visit to the center unique and phenomenal.

Multi-facility complex Science center also houses a museum, an art gallery, an auditorium, an amphi-theatre and a planetarium. Each one of these has something unique to offer. Hence, if you wish to quench your quest of learning and leading with science and technology book cab to start your journey!

 Road Trip Ahemdabad to Surat

7. Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium:

Situated in Pal area of Surat, Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium is home to more than 100 species of fish contained in 52 tanks. These fishes are from fresh, brackish and marine waters. It is a first-of-its-kind underwater aquarium which offers a chance to experience the underwater world.

For the first 5 years, a Chennai firm named Aqua Star will be responsible for maintenance of life support system for the marine tanks. The aquarium remains open all days of the week. (10 AM to 06:30 PM during March to October & 10 AM to 05.45 PM during November to February.) If you are ready for an underwater experience book Ahmedabad to Surat cabs one way now with Beep.

 Road Trip Ahemdabad to Surat

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