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Outstation Cab Services Simplified – Beep your Ride

In the overly populated Indian cities where there are so many trains, subways, highways, public transportation facilities, one may not feel the need to own a vehicle. For the regular commute, using public transportation is a perfect option but what when you go for a family vacation? You need a chauffeur-driven car for a sightseeing tour, and this why cab services are a boon in today’s age.

Outstation cab services prove to be a big-time savior. Most people are not willing to drive long distances in order to avoid fatigue, especially when the trip taken is for work and not leisure. A cab service lets the user relax, enjoy the journey and prepare themselves for the destination they are heading towards.

‘Blessed are the curious as they shall have the adventure!’


Travel is a form of meditation for one’s soul.

Exploring places, meeting new people, discovering yourself in the journey and eventually falling in love with the experience. Road trips or journeys are the best way to understand and really feel this experience. Hence a smooth and easy journey is a must to ensure that the rider would enjoy the stay as well.

Having said that, when we look at the current outstation cab market of India, it’s highly unorganized. The pricing, quality and unavailability of cabs are all at a questionable juncture. The travelers currently avoid road trips via rented cabs due to the lack of quality options. Beep is coming in the market to eliminate all these issues and streamline processes of the intercity cab services, making it organized.

Although there are various issues in the existing cab market in India. But Beep is soon to eliminate these troubles out of your life.

Here, we have some of those troubles that will turn to future yays when you just Beep your Ride:

Lack of Choice

Outstation Cab Services

Any car rental service provides us with a cab as per seating requirements or as per the availability and their own convenience. The pricings are way higher than they are supposed to be with advance payments and stringent payment modes.

Beep streamlines these worries, providing a solution that gives the power of choice in the hands of the user. It provides genuine fare, the car of their choice and a payment mode that suits them. For any business to succeed, organizations need to meet customer demands, providing them the best of solutions. And Beep is here to do that for real.

Lack of Conveniences

Keeping customer’s needs ahead to deliver the best of service is the key to a successful business. Customer convenience must be prioritized at any cost in order to have a loyal customer base that believes in the company’s values, mission, and vision. Beep creates comfort in the rider’s life. It provides facilities like live tracking that helps them manage their time right and allows them to pay by the km. Thus ensuring absolute transparency in the fare charged for the ride.

Lack of Safety

Lack of Safety

Safety is the most important part of any travel. A secured ride and skilled driver are a must in the service quality parameters provided by the travel operators. Outstation travel can often get unsafe with lonely and long travel routes and isolated, empty roads. This is the time a customer lays all their trust in the travel services they opted for, to ensure a secure commute and make you reach the destination safely. Beep establishes that guarantee with live tracking and SOS service for the rider.

Lack of CRM Lack of CRM

Most travel operators today fail to care about maintaining customer relations. But they miss out on some major customer needs. Failing to meet customer demands, answer queries and provide assistance which is essential in establishing a strong base for businesses. Dealing with customer’s issues while they are on the trip is a very important part of customer relationship management. Hence, Beep guarantees online support to resolve any issues or answer any queries of the rider.

Lack of Transparency

The company should always be transparent about the queries or problems put up by the users in order to communicate the right solutions effectively. Communication is the key to retain customers and a fair conversation on any issues faced by the user is imperative. The travel operators are often not able to provide details on the issues faced by users. Hence end up completely ignoring the appropriate solution in accordance with it. Clarity of the problem is very important for the customer to be happy and content with the service offered to him.

Beep assures suitable customer support, catering to the needs of the travelers.

Eliminating travel and commute troubles Beep is here to provide smooth rides for your outstation travels. A flawless service deliverance eliminating the existing hassles by digitally transforming the industry to deliver quality services to all customers. Beep, soon to be your travel companion, is a competent business solution with customer-centric services customizing each ride according to the user’s needs.


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February 29th, 2020