Best Places to Visit near Agra for a Weekend Getaway

Agra, being one of the most charming cities across India, holds several heavenly places that are sure to mesmerize your senses. Being at the center of the golden triangle of India, Agra has located approximately 234 km and 281 km from Delhi and Jaipur respectively. A Delhi to Agra one way cab can lead you to your destination in about 3-4 hours. And, if you are planning such a trip – here are a few places to visit and things to do in Agra that you shouldn’t miss out on:

Best Places to Visit in Agra:

#1 – Taj Mahal:

Places to Visit Agra : Taj Mahal

When you think about Agra, the one thing that might come to your mind is Taj Mahal! It is a spellbinding architectural monument situated about 3 km from the city center. Constructed in 1653 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, Taj Mahal is an enormous architectural wonder believed to be built at a cost of 32 million rupees (that equates 52.8 billion rupees in 2015) and by more than 20k artisans. It is not only one from the Seven Wonders of the World, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site! It is a place you must visit while on your trip to places in and around Agra.

#2 – Fatehpur Sikri:

Fatehpur Sikri Places to Visit Agra

Also known as the City of Victory, Fatehpur Sikri is the second most amusing spots across Agra. Located about 36 km from the city center, here is a city mainly constructed with red sandstone. Fatehpur Sikri is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the rich natural and cultural heritage it holds. It is a place you should tick while on your journey around Agra.

#3 – Agra Fort:

Agra Fort Places to Visit Agra

Here is a yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site worth exploring! Agra Fort is located just about a km from the city center and is a major tourist destination attracting visitors from across the globe! The fort spans across 94 acres and has a semicircular plan. The fort has two most significant gates viz. Delhi Gate and the Lahore Gate (Amar Singh Gate). Apart from this, the fort consists Jahangir’s Hauz, Shahjahani Mahal, Gaznin Gate, and the Shish Mahal – which are but a few places worth exploring.

#4 – Jama Masjid:

Places to Visit Agra

Jama Masjid is a distinct mosque entirely constructed out of red stone. It is located just a kilometer from the center of the city and entertains visitors from various parts of the world with its distinct architecture and red texture. It is also known as Friday Mosque and was built by Shah Jahan in 1648. Overall, it is a tranquil place radiating exuberance all round. While on your journey to Agra, make sure to be here – at least for a couple of hours. It’ll be worth it!

#5 – Tomb of Akbar:

Tomb of Akbar Places to Visit Agra

Spanning across 119 acres, Tomb of Akbar is a giant architectural structure which was once a resting place for Mughal Emperor, Akbar. It is located in Sikandra – a city in the outskirts of Agra. The tomb is home to some of the finest Mughal architectures radiating exuberance from within. It is open from 6.00 am to 6.30 pm. However, the best time to visit this magnificent tomb is during morning when the sun is just beyond the horizon.

Things to do in Agra:

Stay at Oberoi Amarvilas:

Places to Visit Agra

Being one of the most opulent hotels across India, the Oberoi Amarvilas offers a perfect space for relaxing and witnessing the beauty of Agra. The hotel is located at the center of the city – and just about 2 minutes of walking distance from Taj Mahal. A day spent here will be well worth it and will replenish your vitality throughout your journey. While traveling through Agra, stay in Amarvilas for a royal treat.

Shopping in Agra:Places to Visit Agra

A trip to Agra won’t be worth it if you miss out in the amazing stuff this place has to offer. Here you will find a massive collection of distinct and diversified crafts that are rare to find anywhere else. Few of the most famous shopping spots across Agra include the Sardar Bazaar, Subhash Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar, and the TDI Mall. Starting from leather items to handicrafts and accessories – here you will get some of the most amazing products that will surely fascinate you with their charm.

Experience the Exquisite Food of Agra:

Places to Visit Agra

Food in Agra is as amazing as the city itself. Starting from sweet pethas to spicy parathas – and everything in between is unique in one way or another! While touring Agra, you shouldn’t miss out on Mughlai cuisine available at ITC Mughal, Daawat-E-Nawab, Pind Balluchi, Pinch of Spice and many more such food restaurants and street corners. If you are ready for it, book a one-way taxi from Delhi to Agra today!

Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity:

Places to Visit Agra

It has long been said that the secret to living is giving! In fact, contribution is a significant human need (not a desire) that helps us grow and evolve as a being. Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity is a place where you can experience kindness in its purest form. Spend some time here with the orphaned kids and try to light their faces with smile and love – the kind of fulfillment you will get is beyond any worldly pleasure.

Have Fun at Water Park:

Places to Visit Agra

Agra is not only famous for its rich natural and cultural heritage, but also for some of the most amazing waterparks that will certainly fill your day with fun and relief. The Dolphin and Friends Gokulam Fun City are two of the most popular waterparks where you can spend a day and have fun with your friends and family mates. Water parks are also a great means of relaxation – after a long trip to the wonders of Agra! Book cab from Delhi to Agra today if you are ready to experience the water rides here.

Final Words…

With all the fun, beauty and grace that Agra holds, it is a city you must visit once in a lifetime. If you are traveling from/through Delhi, sharing taxi/cab from Delhi to Agra will lead you to Agra in about 4 hours. With our taxi at your disposal, you can also visit tourist places near Delhi while on your way to Agra. You can also book taxi from Delhi Airport to Agra – if you are traveling through an airplane. Whatever the case may be, at Beep, we aim to offer exceptional travel experiences to ensure our customers’ journey is as beautiful as the destination itself! Thus, if you are planning your trip to Agra – download Beep app today and elevate your travel experience with us.


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