Top 10 best Shopping places in Gujarat

A state of vivid colors and cultures, where people get high on food and fashion; and where ethnic and contemporary makes a great combination; Gujarat has many reasons to be called vibrant. Along with being a travel destination, this state is a great shopping destination as well. There are ample of cities you must visit just to redefine your taste in fashion and fill your bags with trendy souvenirs. Take a peek and know more about some of the irresistible shopping streets of Gujarat:

1. Law Garden, Ahmedabad

Law Garden, Ahmedabad

One of the most famous and bright markets of Ahmedabad is the market of Law Garden. Visit Ahmedabad and roam around to shop as much as you want. Located near the Law College, this street is filled with a huge collection of traditional clothing for Navaratri. Not just the textiles, it also offers a variety of footwear, handmade bags, and ornaments, as well as western clothing. People come from all walks of life and never miss shopping traditional yet trendy clothes.

2. Teen Darwaja/Dhalgarwad, Ahmedabad

2. Teen Darwaja/Dhalgarwad, Ahmedabad

Dhalgarwad is renowned for rudimentary clothing material and some traditional style clothes. Here one can buy ready to stitch material for dress and Ghaghra-Choli. Here, you can also find great deals of sarees and other ethnic wear at the most reasonable costs; however, you should have a knack of bargaining and judging the quality of cloth materials.

3. Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad

Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad

The market of Lal Darwaja sells a diverse range of items from clothing to electronics and several small household essentials. It is quite inexpensive and hence, it is always crowded. The weekends are mostly busy with flocks of people flooding the market shopping for various items.

4. Dharmendra road, Rajkot

A city that is famous for gold jewelry is also popular for its textile business. On Dharmendra road, you can find numerous fabric retailers along with ready-made dresses, ethnic wears, and kids wear. Mostly known for its fabric business, people come from across the state to visit this market and buy in bulks. You can also use Ahmedabad to Rajkot taxi service to travel back and forth for shopping purpose.

5. Bangadi Bazar, Rajkot

It would be difficult for you to distinguish one shop from another because there are a number of tiny shops in narrow lanes. It is an eye-pleasing sight of seeing an abundance of bangles. You can find all the types bangles from glass to metal and of other material. There are some really old gold and silversmiths as well, displaying their artwork on bangles. The artwork of Meenakari is best known to wear with traditional clothes. If you have hired an Ahmedabad to Rajkot taxi, you might have to park it out of the streets to roam around in this bazaar.

6. Rander Road, Surat

A market that can be found with shoppers in all the seasons, Rander road is renowned for its extraordinary collection of clothes. Just looking at the shops studded with oodles of material sparks your shopping spirit. People from different regions of Gujarat come here especially during wedding seasons to buy fresh designs of traditional clothes. Get an Ahmedabad to Surat taxi and get ready to explore more.

7. New Textiles, Surat

New Textiles, Surat

Surat is believed to be one of the giant textile markets and is as much famous as it is for its diamond business. This textile market is the hot favorite when it comes to exporting sarees abroad. As the international market demands more varieties in designs and embroidery work. Zari work, silver, and gold brocade and stonework are trending to be exported to Middle East countries. You can also prefer Ahmedabad to Surat one way taxi to shop in Surat.

8. Street Markets of Jamnagar

Jamnagar has a history of making traditional clothing since its ancient times when kings ruled the city. It does not have just one street market; it has plenty and all of them are always loaded with a plethora of clothing material. From Bandhej to silk, markets here have almost everything to offer you and that too at the most affordable prices. If you have got Ahmedabad to Rajkot one way taxi, Jamnagar is just a couple of hours away.

9. The market of Bhuj, Kutch

The market of Bhuj, Kutch

Kutch has always been well-known for a Bandhej, cotton cloths, art and mirror work on ornaments and antics. You can shop most unique traditional clothes wore by the folk/regional people of the district. Such clothes are always in vogue during festive seasons as Kutchy mirror work, Bandhej, quilts, ties and dyes, and wood workpieces are classic.

10. Ravivar Market of Gandhinagar

A market where you can find clothing, antics, kitchen supplies, tools and electronics, used books, furniture and what not. As it opens only on Sundays, it remains crowded throughout the day. It also offers a great deal of art and craft as well as Khadi clothing; so never miss the shopping experience.

Shopping in Gujarat is an enthralling experience with miscellaneous items. If you are a shopaholic, shopping in Gujarat would not loosen your pockets even when you have loaded your shopping bags. As now you have a list of the best shopping places in Gujarat, you know where to go and what to shop when you get a chance to visit any of the above-mentioned places. With lots of food and fashion, it can be one of the most memorable trips of your life.

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