Four Ways to Enhance Online Presence as a Travel Operator

The travel industry has experienced a disruptive shift from offline-based business mode to hybrid and online-only operational models, recently. With so much happening in the travel ecosystem, you might wonder at times about how to market yourself as a travel agent and stay competitive. To succeed in the current era, you need a full-proof travel agency marketing plan.

Your plan should focus on augmenting your online presence by helping you become active, online. If you are looking for result-oriented marketing tips for travel agencies, read further and find out how can you create the ideal marketing mix for your travel agencies.

1. Work on building a strong social media presence

You might already have realized the effectiveness of social media for brand promotion. Every day millions of users browse social media networks, worldwide. In such a scenario, you should learn more about how to promote your travel agency on social media. Here are some tips to build a strong presence over social media channels:

  • Start with focusing on two-three social channels at the beginning and scale up as you get results.
  • Identify your target audience
  • Commit yourself to regular posting and attract via engagement.
  • Hire an expert for refreshing marketing ideas for your travel agency
  • Identify your marketing objectives
  • Streamline your social media calendar according to user profiles.

2. Ask for online reviews

A great marketing tactic for travel agencies is to build credibility by gathering reviews from real customers. Real online reviews of your agency will instigate trust and influence others to choose you over an agency with no reviews at all.

According to several marketing studies, 90% of the customers browse online for reviews before making a final decision. Also, most potential customers will choose a business with positive ratings online over a business with no online presence or reviews. However, how to gather online reviews? Here are some tips:

  • Ask your customers to leave an online review or rating
  • Motivate customers to share their experience by offering incentives like discounts
  • Focus on enhancing customer delight. A happy customer will share his/her experience

3. Launch & Manage a Travel Blog

One of the best ways to increase discoverability quotient is to create valuable content for potential customers. A blog is an essential element of a travel agency’s online marketing plan and can help boost SEO rankings for a travel agency in the long run.

You can create a highly-personalized blog that answers your customer’s queries, give them valuable information and help them discover new destinations. Here are some tips to help you with your travel blogging journey:

  • Tell travel stories in a fun and engaging way
  • Create engaging content without industry jargon and marketing terms
  • Be regular and consistent in posting fresh blogs
  • Partner with other blogs as a guest blogger to increase reach and authority

4. Join hands with social media influencers and travel bloggers

The world of the internet and social media is all about connections and networking. No matter how many marketing tools you use or how sound your online marketing plan is, without an engaging network, everything is a waste.

A great way to advertise your travel agency and increase revenues is to engage with travel bloggers and influencers. They are the individuals who have a mass following and readership on social media. Whatever they write or promote gets instant gratification and reach among the highly-targeted user base. Here are some ways to start harnessing this route:

  • Research about a travel blogger before throwing a partnership proposition
  • Discover his/her niche and see if his/her target segment aligns to your growth needs
  • Create an affiliate plan that works on a commission basis instead of the number of likes or other digital metrics

We hope that we have shed some light on how to improve travel agent business via the online route. If you want to grow in a competitive world, forging strategic partnerships with other players in allied fields is also a great way.

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