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Hello, Fellow Travelers!

In this fast-paced lifestyle where there is an ever-growing need for travel be it work or leisure, Beep is here to say Hello Travelers and Goodbye to all your travel problems with its impeccable Outstation Travel Solution.

Very soon, we will be providing outstation travel cab services across major cities of India including Vishakhapatnam, Ahmedabad, Agra, Warangal, Mumbai, Lucknow, Mysore, Nagpur, Dehradun, Haridwar, and many others. With an end-to-end solution that caters to both travelers and travel operators, we are aiming to streamline the highly unorganized market for outstation travel with seamless cab management and provide travelers with their desired road trips with ease and comfort.

There are various issues currently in the travel industry making outstation travel difficult and troublesome for people at large. When planning a trip to a different city, the biggest hurdle that comes our way is booking a cab. We are skeptical about relying on any random vendor but are left with no other option.

Some other issues include high pricing and how there is no comparative pricing, therefore when in an emergency, you have no option to negotiate and have to agree to the expensive pricing given for the ride by any portal you choose. As there is no single platform to find out the rates of different offline vendors, the ones who are well-known charge unfair rates. Also, sometimes they put surge pricing at the very last moment.

Beep solves this problem brilliantly as it gives the user the choice of price and payment mode, making the experience customized to each traveler’s needs. The preference and freedom to get a list of travel operators delivering the service in your best-suited price make the travel experience with Beep much more comfortable in the pocket and on the mind. Another way we have targeted to solve this issue is by letting people pay by the KM so they would know for sure on what grounds they are being charged for the ride.

We often neglect the factor of being able to choose our car because we are too accustomed to not being able to get the choice or the commitment of deliverance with the choice. But after convincing ourselves to pay hefty amounts to the vendors, when we look at the dirty and unmaintained cabs we have to convince ourselves to travel in those cars and this experience ruins the whole travel experience and keeps you agitated throughout the journey, hence Beep gives you the car choice for real and we understand that a well-maintained car of the user’s choice is a very important part of your travel.

Not only with pricing but we aim to solve other travel-related issues as well which helps us provide a smooth journey to our travelers. Security has always been of prime concern for us and customer comfort is our key interest in providing the intercity travel solution, hence we made sure that our users have a safe journey and we are always available for any assistance if required. Another issue that arises a lot is, if the cab vendors get a better deal, they cancel the booking and give inappropriate reasons to justify it. In the end, we waste our time calling multiple vendors to get the booking again. The cab drivers sometimes get late and are not bothered even if you tell them that you have urgency or will lodge a complaint. To eliminate this issue and make sure that travel operators check on their drivers and the user gets a personalized service experience that is flawless and matches the timing or any other specific medical or security requirements, Beep is here, launching soon as your one-stop solution to all your travel problems.

Along with customer comfort Beep also believes in uplifting businesses, so our end-to-end cab management solution allows the travel operators and drivers to service and target their customers better in order to grow their organization, making their business successful with happy customers vouching for the same.

Beep is available in your city and in your language with your local vendors delivering the best of cab services to you. Beep has come up with a new intercity cab vertical which enables you to book intercity cabs in just one click. It follows a model in which prices of various cab vendors are compared and the best deals are provided to you. This cab management solution saves your time of negotiating with the cab vendors and provides you with authorized drivers, helping you experience a pleasant journey.

You do not need to worry about the hassles that come with traveling anymore because Beep is here and Beep cares.

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December 27th, 2019