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Ideal Travel Packing Checklist

The Ideal Travel Packing Checklist: Pack up Your Baggage Right

Are you planning any business trip or outstation trip with friends, family? BeepnRide’s Ideal Travel Packing Checklist will help you pack light and make sure that you have all the travel essentials. Bookmark it now to get your trip right and have a pleasant journey.

Road trips are not only about the destination, but more about the journey. There’s something about taking a road trip that’s just so liberating and classic. Nothing spells freedom like a road trip, you’re in total control of your time, pace, and destinations. Equipped with the ideal travel packing checklist you can prevent your road trip going south incase of any eventuality.

From things you need for yourself to must-bring items for the car, don’t forget anything on your road trip packing list or it could turn into a disaster. Your travel packing checklist, if followed properly will ensure that your next road adventure is safe, manageable and fun.

The list of travel packing essentials you cannot miss

  1. Bags
  2. Clothes
  3. Blanket and Pillow
  4. Camera
  5. First Aid Box
  6. Hygiene Kit
  7. Music List
  8. Food and Water
  9. Documents
  10. Maps and To Do Lists
  11. Necessary Gadgets
  12. Cash and Cards
  13. Travel Apps
  14. Prep your Home
  15. The Essentials

Bags for Travel Packing

Bags - Travel Checklist

The choice of a bag is important for your next travel plan packing list or road trip. Depending upon whether you have to hike, trek or to use your car as camp, you may choose a ruck sack or a suit case to store your essentials. You will also need a handbag and a purse to keep your requisites handy on the road trip.

Clothes – Choose your Clothes Wisely

Clothes Essential Travel Checklist

Choose your clothes wisely as you plan for your trip. Keep in mind the weather forecast of the place of visit and seasonal changes. Prefer cotton clothes for summer and woolens for winter. Make sure you have added the rain coat, umbrella and PU boots for emergency.  Pack your favorite shoes and flip flops for your comfort.A sun visor cap and a pair of sunglasses come handy when the sun is blazing.

Blanket & Pillow

Blanket Pillow Travel Packing Checklist

A quick nap to give rest to your eyes is a good idea if you are taking turns to drive for the long road trip. Make sure you have a pillow and blanket to get a homely feeling.  A neck pillow to rest your neck and sleep while seated is a must for your trip.

Camera – Capture your Travel Moments

Camera Essental Travel Checklist

Capture great images and videos on your road adventure. Pack your DSLR or camcorderto record your memorable moments, and share your outstation travel stories on Instagram.  Carry a spare memory chip and charging equipment.

First Aid Box

First Aid Box for Travel

Health is wealth, more so when you are on driving and half way on a road trip. Be ready for any eventuality and equip your first aid box with antiseptics, painkillers, wound-cleaning gauze, sterile dressing, bandage tape, plasters, tweezers, scissors, thermometer, antihistamines, sunburn treatment, insect repellent, insect bite medication, and your regular medication for pre-existing medical conditions

Hygiene Kit

Hygiene Kit Travel Checklist

Take care of yourself before you take care of the world. It is important that you look fresh and healthy on your trip. Hygiene kit is indispensable for any travel packing essentials. Pack your toiletries and other hygiene specific items like toilet paper, tissue paper, towels and sanitizers. Women should carry extra sanitary napkins to be on a safer side

Music list

Music for Travel Packing Checklist

Road trips are incomplete without your favorite music to accompany you. Music soothes you and sets the mood for the long journey ahead. You must add a mix of great music to your music list to suit your taste and emotions of the journey

Food and Water

Food and Water for Travel Packing Checklist

Store enough drinking water to last till you can replenish it on your journey. You must have a buffer of water for at least two days. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated while traveling. Carry dry food items like energy bars, chocolates and your favorite snacks for your journey. Keep enough food that can even sustain you if you are stuck in a secluded area for days. Please do not litter on roads.


Documents Travel packing Checklist

Your documents that are your identity proofs like the PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, voter ID or any certifications that could help you do adventure sports must be proper and up-to-date. Also, remember to collect back your documents after presenting the same at the hotel check-in or any other places.

Maps and To-do-Lists

Maps Travel Packing Checklist

Physical maps are always helpful for any travel planning must carry on as a reference point if internet fails. The routes where you have network issue and GPS fails, maps are the only lifesaving solution.  Mark your route on the physical map for reference purposes when you head out for a road trip. Make a handy to do list to remind yourself about what all to do and what not to miss on your adventure.

Travel Necessary Gadgets

Essential Gadgets Travel Packing Checklist

Modern road trips are incomplete without your favorite gadgets.  Add these gadgets to your road trip bag pack.

  • Smart Phone-Your smartphone is a lifesaving gadget especially during emergencies on the road trip. Save the emergency contact numbers on your phone and also keep a written copy of the same visible in your car.
  • Charger, Handsfree & Powerbank- It is important that you remain connected with the world while you are cruising through your journey and get updates on traffic, weather and news. Your hands free device will allow you to use the smartphone without disturbing the driver in you. The charger and power bank will keep your battery from running out.
  • Chiller Icebox- A portable chiller ice box to store bottles of water comes handy in summers. You can replenish the water bottles from your hotel and fill in some fresh ice to keep the water chilled for long.
  • GPS/Navigation System–Fit a good quality and accurate GPS/Navigation system on your car. It is required for long trips to prevent wastage of time and ensure proper direction for the trip.
  • Car Mounted Camera: You make new memories on road trips and capturing the beautiful moments of your road trip while on the road has become a reality with go pro cameras. Fit a car mounted camera on your car and make a perfect road trip video souvenir.

Cash and Cards

Cash Cards for Travel Checklist

They say travel is never a matter of money but of courage. Still we have to address the elephant in the room, road trips big or small need you to carry sufficient amount of money to meet your planned expenses. You must keep some extra cash and credit cards handy to meet any unavoidable expenses throughout your road trip.

Travel Apps

Travel Packing Checklist

These are the mandatory apps that help you experience a smooth travel. Keeping you ahead with the best deals, festivals/celebrations around you, the weather forecast to get you back to the hotel in time, a fitness food and work out place. Basically all the apps that make you aware with many such activities that you probably would want to do once you are on the trip

Prep your Home

Prepare Home Travel Checklist

Leaving for a trip in all excitement sometimes makes us forget the home needs to be taken care of like; taking out the garbage, checking the washing machine for wet clothes, cleaning the dirty dishes, turning off all lights and electronics, watering the plants, drip taps (in cold climates where pipes could freeze), closing and locking all doors and windows, drawing all curtains, setting alarm system if any. Secure your home so you can come back and rest instead of dealing with any kind of unrequired hassle.

The Essentials

Travel Packing Checklist

The extras become the essentials in case of emergencies and urgent needs. Pack up things in accordance with your choice of a destination like a flashlight, head strap for your GoPro, extra batteries for your gadgets, knife, screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, spoon or fork, (coffee tin lid) plate or bowl, compass, whistle, door lock. One might take these as unnecessary but the realization hits bad once the need arrives so check travel packing checklist you are itinerary and pack the things you might need on the trip.


Packing is always a pain, especially on a road trip when you need to carry as less as possible and we surely pack a long list of things on every road trip we take but we unpack a great treasure of memories on every return. So there you have it! The Ideal Road Travel Packing Checklist, packed full of road trip essentials to keep you safe, comfortable & entertained on your next road trip.

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February 10th, 2020