Mobile Travel Trends that will Dominate the Ecosystem in 2019

The digital landscape is transforming at a lightning pace, and so are the requirements of travelers.

It took good 68 years to acquire 50 million users; Super Mario Run surpassed the same number of users in just eight days at the beginning of 2017 (on iOS devices making the figures even more remarkable!).

Nothing has been as dynamic as the digital landscape in human history. With newer technologies disrupting the way we work, read and travel, every day, nothing is permanent. Every year, something or else change the way you know travel business operations. Here we present top travel trends for 2019 that will help you be ready for the future.

  • The rise of visual search & Instagram bookings

62%* of the millennial population is inclined towards visual search.

With Instagram rolling out features to book a holiday via tapping a photo, the visual search will gain mileage.

Visual search is one travel booking trend that will pick pace as more airline operators increase investments in visual search technology. Not only will it promise better customer experience but also highly-segmented, ROI-enhancing marketing campaigns.

  • Ethical data mining for personalized experiences

90%* of the all existing data was generated in the past two years, alone.

The recent hype concerning data security and privacy has prompted travel companies to give an ethical face to data mining.

In the future, travel companies and brands will be seen mining data using ethical means with the help of chatbots, social media, mobile web, and other mediums. Data is the core of innovation and personalization. So, the focus will shift from just digital transformation to data-centric digital processes.

68%* of travel companies have started investing in predictive technology.

A striking mobile travel booking trend has highlighted the growing use of predictive technologies by travel companies. Predictive analysis and customization will ring a death bell for traditional search.

Instead of wanting users to search for them, mobile apps would provide automatic recommendations based on past traveling behavior, preferences and interests. Data will be a crucial asset to drive predictive analysis-based operations.

  • Smartphones will be the dominant booking platform

Mobiles have become increasingly crucial for the modern man. As travelers use their smartphones to research, explore and book trips, companies will have to tweak their engagement strategies.

Everything will be needed to attract, engage and retain mobile users. This mobile travel trend will have phenomenal implications for the future of the travel industry.

  • Voice Search and Actions

Voice search has wholly transformed the online search landscape. In 2019, voice search will gain more momentum. Travelers will take voice-assisted actions like booking flights instead of just searching for information.

In such an ecosystem, travel companies will have to build Voice skills for Alexa, Google Home, and other voice-activated platforms. This will begin a new era of voice-based customer engagement.

  • Conversational User Interface

Everything in the future will be about conversations. As stated above, the voice will dominate searches. Travel app trends show that companies are focusing on designing conversational user interfaces.

Apps will become smarter, and companies will explore opportunities to harness the voice platform for maximum engagement. Context will have a greater meaning and apps will keep users hooked by taking intelligent decisions- when to inform via voice and when to provide information via push notifications or chatbots.

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

Internet users want maximum information before taking a buying decision. AR/VR technologies will enhance customer experience and delight by providing real-life experience before actual bookings. Users will be able to see their hotel rooms through virtual tours.

Travelers will get a head-start before starting a trip, just as they desire. 2019 will see this mobile trend creeping deeper in the travel industry as more companies harness AR/VR platforms.

2019 seems to be an exciting year for the travel industry. With disruptive trends ready to enchant users, you will also be required to be more agile and improve customer experience. Being mobile-ready is the first step to harness these trends. So, why don’t you start now by exploring the Beep platform for your travel business? Get started soon.