Places to Visit Around Mumbai by Road

Places to Visit Around Mumbai by Road

Residing in Mumbai can leave one feeling trapped, tired and helpless because of the piling pressure and hustle-bustle of everyday life. Allow yourself to relish the simple pleasures of life as you treat yourself to the fantastic ‘God-Made’ views which have been made available through the man-made roads of…


Vibrant Places to Visit in India during Holi

India has been called the nation of colors and cultures for a reason – there are 1.5 billion people, speaking 22 different languages and celebrating over 22 major religious festivals throughout the year! Holi, commonly called the festival of colors, is right on top of the list of the…


How Does Taxi App Benefits The Travel Operators?

The on-demand industry is on the rolls. When it comes to hiring a taxi, customers are relying heavily on on-demand apps offering convenience and on-spot bookings. For customers, this means faster reservations, better service and freedom to choose. According to a survey by Forbes, with the rising number of…