5 Places to Visit in Ambaji this Summer

Gujarat is well-known for its mythological history and cultural heritage; there are a plethora of places in the state that you can visit to awaken your spiritual and traditional soul. A myriad of devotees travel across Gujarat in order to explore the sacred beauty of such destinations and one of them is Ambaji. Ahmedabad, a megacity is a center to visit the rest of the places of the state. So, book Ahmedabad to Ambaji cabs any time you need and take a trip to this holy town.

Ambaji, a small town situated in the district Banaskantha, Gujarat, named after its famous temple of Ambaji. Millions of pilgrims visit this holy temple each year to seek blessings of Goddess Ambaji as it is one of the major Shakti Peeth in India. Basically located near the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan, you can certainly get an Ahmedabad to Ambaji taxi because it is 185 kilometers away from the megacity. Having a personal cab service is beneficial as the journey becomes comfortable to visit some other places of the Ambaji town listed below:


1. Ambaji Temple


For obvious reason, this is the first place one would go to the Ambaji. The total number of Shakti Peeth is 51 which fundamentally includes 51 temples of Goddesses with different names who conquer good over bad. As mentioned above, Ambaji is one major Shakti Peeth located in Gujarat that attracts millions of devotees each year to seek blessings and to fulfill their wishes through spirituality.

Also known as ‘Arasuri Ambaji’, the original temple was built on the hill-top of Gabbar. Ambaji has a rich and extensive history as well as stories. The days of Purnima (full moon days) are believed to be most holy when thousands of people visit this sacred temple. The ‘Bhardarvi Purnima’ (Full moon day of Hindu month Bhadarva) is the most religious day for devotees when countless numbers of pilgrims visit this temple and enjoy the fair held in the town for its visitors. According to the general belief of visitors, the pilgrimage is incomplete until and unless you visit both the temples.

2. Gabbar Hill

As the shrine of Ambaji is unique with no image or idol of the Goddess and only the holy Shri Yantra. The temple on the Gabbar hillock is believed to be the origin and main place where the heart of Goddess Sati fell. The hill, located at an altitude of 400 meters above the sea level is the place where the main temple exists. As it is 4 kilometers away from the Ambaji temple, having an Ahmedabad to Ambaji cab makes the journey convenient.

This hilly area is spread across 8 kilometers sq. ft and one have to climb 999 steps to reach atop the hill where the temple is situated. The facility of rope way is also available for kids or old people and it costs RS. 94 with a return ticket. Some people say that the footprints of Ambaji are also visible at this place. Standing on the top of the hill gives you a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Ambaji town.

3. Mansarovar

Located behind the temple of Ambaji, it is said to be constructed between the years 1584 to 1594 by an Ahmedabad based devotee named Shri Tapishankar. On the two sides of this holy tank, there are temples of Mahadev and Ajay Devi (sister of Goddess Ambaji). Visitors take a holy bath in the Mansarovar in order to fill blessed and fulfilled after worshipping at the Ambaji temple.

4. Kumbhariya Jain Temple

One of the reasons you should hire a cab from Ahmedabad to Ambaji is for hassle-free traveling from one place to another. Kumbhariya Jain temple is almost 2 kilometers away from the Ambaji temple and is frequently visited by the devotees. Basically dedicated to Lord Neminath, the history says that Goddess Ambika directed a devotee Sheth Vimal Shah to build 360 Jain temples.

However, none of the temples has Goddess’s idol and thus, rest were ruined by the Goddess but the 5 that exists till the date. Later Vimal Shah installed idols of Goddess in all the temples. Nonetheless, the construction is of the 13th century and it has great infrastructure as well as detailed architecture. The carving in the construction is magnificent and it so peaceful inside that you can connect to your innermost as soon as you enter the temple.

5. Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary


A visit to this wildlife sanctuary will give you a refreshing feeling after a fulfilled spiritual quest you just had. Located 16.5 kilometers away from the Ambaji temple, it is spread across around 543 sq. km. And established in August 1989. It consists of a diverse range of Flora and Fauna with as many as 483 species of different plants. This one of the rarest places to visit in Gujarat is home to endangered animals like leopard, fox, and sloth bear.

The number of tourist places in Gujarat can be counted on fingers but, the number of visitors is countless. Gujarat holds its beauty with various aspects from spiritual to adventures and Ambaji is one such place to have all the uplifting experience.

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