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Road Tripping: The Perfect Bucket List!

Road trip is the best way of traveling and a beautiful getaway. Road Tripping not only helps us refresh ourselves but also forget about the worries of the world and just get lost in the journey. However, in India, the best way to road trip is to hire a cab rather than self-driving to long routes. Driving long routes road-tripping makes you responsible behind the wheel and completely exhausted. The one driving is certainly not able to enjoy the trip like the others. It drains out all the fun and relaxation from the road trip.

The stoppages and maintenance make it all the more difficult. Journeys are meant to relax you. They are the most meditating part about a trip, the solace we find in the journey before we reach the destination is what grows us as an individual. And a road trip with Beep’s ride helps you experience just that. It enhances your travel part of a trip, giving you beautiful visual memories.

India is a gorgeous land to experience it on road trips but it also a huge one and impossible to cover in one go. Hence here are few places shortlisted for you to experience on a road-tripping:

Road Trip Delhi to Dehradun in North India

Dehradun Road Trip Bucket

When exploring North India, the best place to start a road tripping is from Delhi.

Dehradun is 245 kilometers from Delhi; the road route will take you approximately six hours. Since you would be going uphill, we recommend you ensure that the cab provider has got the car serviced prior to take up the required load of the drive. Although the road route is quite maintained since you are heading to the foothills, try to reach before sunset to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

The road tripping to Dehradun gives a taste of nature, beauty and entertainment. While the green vistas will greet you as soon as you hit the foothills of Uttarakhand, where Dehradun is located. You will also find a few newly built theme parks where you can stop for a nice meal.

Be prepared for the sudden change of temperature from a hot place like Delhi to the cooling breeze of Dehradun. Acclimatization isn’t difficult just keep on adding layers as you head up. Dehradun is an urbane town with all the amenities available. Shopping, exploring and adventure sports can easily make your holiday a truly memorable one. The serene natural beauty of the place and the cold breeze soothes the soul, where in the facilities available for the tourists make their trip comfortable and easy.

Road Trip to Agra Taj Mahal

Agra Road Trip Bucket List

The city of heritage and culture Agra attracts a lot of tourists. Its major attractions are the ancient monuments and architecture and impossible to forget the wonder of the world, Taj Mahal. Referred to as the symbol of love, Taj Mahal stands in white marble on the banks of river Yamuna.

The morning sun appears to be filtering the white marble and giving it the glistening glow. You can take rest in the gardens and feel the cool breeze making the atmosphere more relaxing. Coming out of this mesmerizing architecture you can find various food shops and the sweets here are a must-try. Agra is famous for two things – one the obvious and the other is Agra ka petha.

Another architectural muse is the Agra Fort, this magnanimous fort still stands erect and firm. Even after 400 years of its construction and showing no sign of ageing or eruption. It will take you half hour to take a tour of this fort easily. Guides are easily available, so one can hire them too. The religious epitome ‘Ajmer Sharif” is also a very famous tourist attraction with the beliefs and faith attached to the place. There are many such cultural and heritage places in Agra which have been a tourist attraction for years.

Road Trip to Nashik from Mumbai

Nashik Road Trip Bucket | Road Tripping

Coming to South India, Nashik is a very famous road tripping destination from Mumbai. The biggest attraction of Nashik is the Sula vineyards. Sula conducts regular tours as well as tasting sessions. Tour starts from the history of Sula, different varieties of grapes, their harvest, de-seeding, leading to wine tasting, and knowledge on the same, which is a beautiful experience. Also, they do not throw away any waste. The grape seeds make grape seed oil, and the left-over pulp/waste turns to manure. Sustainable working, beautiful nature and so much wine, what else can we ask from a place.

A special mention of the various flowers captured at Sula. The guide mentioned that they try to keep the use of pest control to a minimum, and hence plant roses around the vines. Thus, in case of any pest attack, the rose bushes will first get affected alerting the care takers to do pest control.

Road Trip to Mysore Chamundi Hills

Mysore Road Trip Bucket | Road Tripping

Big Tourist Spots at Mysore

This place literally calls out to travelers with its scenic beauty and the various delicious eateries on the route. The holy grail of Mysore, Chamundi Hills, is a big tourist spot, make sure to stop here if you are in Mysore, this is a sacred land for Mysorians. Although for Indians, Mysore is known for being royal, it is also known for four things to tourists: silk, incense, yoga, and Ayurveda. There are many places to get your Ayurveda therapy, but the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center is the most famous here. If you are rolling in the money, there is no better place to spend it than with oil or ghee dripping on you at IVAC.

Culture & Lifestyle of Mysore

Another favorite touristy thing to do in Mysore is to explore the Mysore market, known to be the most organized market you can ever be in India. The veggies look symmetrical, piled in perfect squares, the flowers are all in one place and the walkways are huge to completely stroll through the market. Besides the local tour of the city the Mysore palace is also a big attraction of the city along with the alluring museum. This tiny little museum is very cute to walk through. In an old palace, it has the most random items from stethoscopes, to boats, and puppets, maybe a little strange, but more exciting than most museums with a very interesting view.

Road Trip to Visakhapatnam or Vizag

Visakhapatnam Road Trip Bucket

The best time to visit Vizag and enjoy the nature at its prime is from Nov – Jan. City on its tropical arrangement has a valley effect with short hills on one side and beach on the other. Areas along the shore line have surrounding short hills and entirely green. While going towards the outskirts of the city via NH16, it’s called the beach road which is curvy and moves along the entire shore line. This entire drive way will get you captivated and you will eventually lose yourself in the journey. The gorgeous sight of the fisher boats and yachts along with the waves of the sea is mesmerizing to look at.

The beaches spread across a wide area so there are lots of special lone places that you can find and explore in your own way. If you love photography you can choose from the many wonderful frames. If you want to play in water or swim you can find your own side for that too. Also, for people who are searching for solace can find their own part of the beach and enjoy the quiet.

The roads and the cleanliness of the city are highly impressive. The Bay of Bengal beach is very soothing even in the scorching sun. On the horizon you can see ships and the Dolphin’s Nose which is the most prominent landmark of Vizag.

This huge rock, 174m in height and 358m above sea level, is in the shape of a dolphin’s snout; hence the name. The area around RK Beach is highly urbanized from tourism perspective. The statues and uniquely constructed pillars revamp the road along RK beach making it look really attractive.

Still, wondering why take a road-tripping?

Road trips are a big yes for everyone, so go ahead and start updating your 2020 travel diaries with the list of destinations we have shortlisted for you. Beep is soon to become your travel companion and is here to make your trips worthwhile and feed your wanderlust leaving you only with wonderful memories.

So where do you want to go on your next road trip?

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January 15th, 2020