How Improving Your Taxi Business Can Impact Customer Experience

Every day, there are millions of commuters chasing their way to “somewhere”. They all aspire to reach “there” on time. While some of them have the privilege of owning their own cars and vehicles, the remaining crowd solely relies on other means of transport such as taxis, cabs and public transport services. For the latter mass, a cab rental app like Beep is boon.

My point here is this: believe it or not, today, the taxi business is at its peak! According to Statista, the total taxi business profits in India amounts to US$338m in 2019 and is expected to cross-market volume of US$576m by 2023. This means if you are a taxi business owner or planning to start a taxi business – you have high odds of thriving in this fiercely competitive era. To help you further, here are 3 tips on how to improve taxi services you offer and enhance the overall customer experience:

#1 – Add More Value:

One of the best ways to improve and scale any business is to add more value than your customer expects. Building a successful taxi business isn’t an exception. If you can find a way to add more value to your customer’s each ride – there’s no measure how rapidly you can grow your business thereby improving your customer’s travel experience. As an example, you can enrich your customer’s travel experience by ensuring that your taxi is neat and radiating faint floral fragrance that will surely enhance your customer’s travel experience and make it worth remembering.



#2 – Build Your Online Presence:

In the world where clothes to cold drinks and everything in between is available online – why not your taxi business?! It is crucial for you to establish your online presence if you want your taxi business to flourish in today’s rapidly disrupting economy. Sign up with a global taxi booking app like beep today and start earning more business right away. Signing up with Beep is super-easy and comes with ample of benefits. Furthermore, you can also spread the word on various social media platforms starting from Facebook to Instagram, and WhatsApp.



#3 – Work with Reliable Drivers:

Reliable people make a credible business! When it comes to a taxi business, you must ensure that the drivers you are working with are committed and can be counted upon. According to popular research, there are more than 1.6 million licensed cabs – but not that many good drivers. Improving a taxi business is possible only with good drivers who can provide your customers with the kind of experience they seek. Hence, if you want your taxi business to grow sustainably – make sure your drivers are easy-to-talk-to and jolly!

So that was all about improving a taxi business. But is that enough? The answer is no! After all, how to attract taxi customers? I mean, a lot of them! True that; attracting more customers is not an easy job. But if you have the right tools/strategies by your side – it isn’t that hard either. Here are a few taxi marketing ideas that will help you gain more customers for your business:



a) Offer Exclusives:

You can collaborate with some of the most popular brands, hotels, or companies in your city to start offering “exclusives”. This will help you generate a consistent source of customers. To make this more interesting, you can also offer special privileges or discount to customers from those particular sources. And, its human nature to love exclusives over general things. Start searching the list of popular hotels and companies to collaborate.


b) Offer Discounts:

Today, offering exceptional travel experience isn’t enough. It requires some extra perks (discount, coupon codes, etc.) to be your customer’s preferred taxi business. After all, who wouldn’t like getting a discount or a free ride?! Here, you can harness social media and offline marketing to increase awareness to spread your promo codes and offers. A good tip would be to figure out when and where your customers prefer taxi! Offering such discounts will not only help you retain your existing customers but also bring in more customers to your business!


c)  Market through Word Of Mouth:                                                    

There’s no better way to market your business than through “word of mouth”. And the only way to let your customers talk about you is by delivering exceptional service to your customers. When your customer truly enjoys the services rendered by you, he is sure to talk about it with his friends/colleagues/family. Thus, aim to offer the kind of travel experience that can turn your customers into your brand ambassadors. Such a travel experience cannot be created overnight – but an unwavering focus towards delivering top-tier travel experience will eventually help you build a massive community of your strongest brand advocates.



d)  Start a Referral Program:

This might sound a little old-fashioned idea. But it is not. Even today, giant companies are investing substantial resources in referral programs. Why? Because they have high returns! A customer who has truly enjoyed your service now has an excuse to recommend it to others. This is a mutually beneficial program that will help you scale your taxi business at an exponential rate. Thus, if you haven’t designed a referral program for your taxi business yet, now is the right time to work on it.



So above were some tips on how to grow your taxi business. If you are thinking of starting one, there isn’t any better time to get started than now. With countless commuters trying to find an ideal means for their day to day commutes – you can build an incredibly successful business by serving them exceptionally well.

With Beep, things get even easier. You can join us with just a few taps from our official Beep app – available on Google play store and App Store. We are here to help travel operators seamlessly operate their businesses from our app. Download it today and elevate your business with us. The best part about us? We’re friendly, flexible and reliable! Join us today.



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