Top 10 Places to Visit in and around Mehsana Gujarat

There are several places around you that are not enough recognized or are underrated when it comes to making them a part of your weekend getaway. Mehsana is one such district of Gujarat that holds the glory of ancient times along with some modern resorts, water parks, and royal properties. You can hire an Ahmedabad to Mehsana cab and explore some serene, some exciting places in and around Mehsana. Whether it is summer, winter or monsoon, there would be at least one picnic spot or weekend trip ready for you to be enjoyed.

Read further to know more about how you can spend your next weekend if you are somewhere nearby Mehsana because we have got plenty of options for you:

1. Becharaji temple, Becharaji

Located in Becharaji, which is a small town in Mehsana district, the temple was built in 1839 AD by Manajirao Gaikwad Sarkar. With an Ahmedabad to Mehsana taxi, traveling to the temple becomes easy. Also known as Bahucharaji, the temple is believed to be one of the Shakti Peeths in Gujarat where thousands of people come to worship Goddess Becharaji. This religious place for Hindu people is structured with marvelous architecture along with impressive ‘Zarukha’s (small windows) that depict the art of the ancient era. The atmosphere here is quite tranquil and one can feel the beauty of this serenity.

2. Vijapur Jain Tirth, Vijapur

An ancient Jain Tirth of Parshwanath, this temple is as big as of three floors with exquisite carving and architecture. It holds a great festival of idol installation each year when a countless number of devotees visit the temple to participate in the holy worship of their God. Its vastness and peaceful ambiance gives a feeling of calmness and helps you to connect yourself with your innermost. Book an Ahmedabad to Mehsana cab and get ready to explore more.

3. Bliss Aqua World Resort

Bliss Aqua World Resort

One of the biggest and most renowned water park resort in Mehsana district is Bliss Aqua World Resort. With giant pools, water slides and rides, it becomes the most preferred weekend destination especially in summers to beat the heat. Along with water fun, it also offers yummy food to kill those hunger pangs while you are busy enjoying watery fun.

4. Sharmishtha Lake, Vadnagar

The Sharmishtha lake is an excellent example of a water retaining system in the ancient times of Solanki period which is still in use. It was created to retain the water flowing from the river Kapila from the hills of Aravalli. The method of the structure shows the engineering skills of those older times. You can book Ahmedabad to Mehsana taxi in order to make the journey comfortable; an hour away from Mehsana, this lake in Vadnagar is a sight to behold.

5. Tirupati Natural Park, Visnagar

Once was a barren and wasted land is today a natural park filled with lush green landscapes and activities to keep visitors entertained. Located in the Visnagar, Tirupati Natural Park is a favorite picnic spot for many as it offers numerous activities, peaceful gardens, and a beautiful lake.

6. Polo forest

Although it takes almost a car ride of three hours from Mehsana, Polo forest is a fascinating place especially during or after the monsoon. This dense jungle provides several thrilling and adventurous activities and is quite big as well. As it is located on Vijaynagar road, having an Ahmedabad to Mehsana cab service can make your travel experience hassle-free and smooth.

7. Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park

This well-planned theme park is situated on Himatnagar road and its affordable rates lure many families in order to enjoy their time. It has parks, exciting rides, recreated wonders of the world and delicious food; what else a family needs to spend a fun weekend? Get your cab booked soonest and have a kick start of your vacation with some amusing activities.

8. Modhera Sun Temple, Modhera

Places to Visit in Mehsana The sun temple, also known as Surya Mandir in the native language, is located on the bank of river Pushpavati in Modhera. Situated at just 25 kilometers away from Mehsana, the temple is actually made of a few shrines dedicated to the solar deity Surya (Sun). It is believed that the spectacular temple was built by King Bhimdev who belonged to Chalukyas dynasty after 1026-27 CE. It has an astounding interior and the Modhera Dance Festival is popular across the world.

9. Thol LakePlaces to Visit in Mehsana

Originally built in 1912 as a water system tank, this man-made lake is close to the Thol town in Kadi, a small town in Mehsana district. Later in the year of 1988, the region was declared to be Thol Bird Sanctuary as many exotic birds come in winter to breed and to produce. The place is known for photogenic scenery, splendid clean water and not too dense yet a fully covered land with plants and trees. If you have hired an Ahmedabad to Mehsana round way cab service, you can explore the surrounding area of the lake.

10. Shanku’s Water World Resort

Places to Visit in Mehsana

A less known, less crowded yet most attractive resort that is clubbed with a water park, Shanku is a classic place to spend your short vacation. It has rides, scrumptious food, deluxe rooms, luxurious cottages, and suites for family stays. The gardens here are carefully created and hence, having numerous types of flora which makes it the perfect place for nature lovers. If you do not want to have a one day picnic and desired to have a short vacation of 3-4 days, Shanku’s resort is worth your time.

Gujarat is filled with an abundant number of travel destinations and one has to wonder what to choose next. Nevertheless, you can always have multiple choices when it comes to spending a memorable weekend. Places mentioned above do not take too much of your time, and you can always book Ahmedabad to Mehsana one way Taxi services or return service.

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