Top 9 Ideas for Travel Operators to Generate More Online and Offline Business

Travel and tourism is a thriving industry that is self-propelling towards growth. With increased incomes and discretionary spends, travel now isn’t a luxury but a necessity. However, in such a booming environment, travel operators, sometimes, struggle to grow revenues. If you are looking to benefit from booming growth, there are some tweaks you might need to make in your business development strategy.

Travel operators have faced severe competition from online aggregators in recent times. However, let’s help you gear up for the battle ahead with some actionable tips. Keep these ideas in mind to improve your proposition and get more business.

• Specialize & Personalize

Instead of being a generalist, focus on a specific specialization. Don’t tell your prospects you are a jack of all trades, instead show them your authority by proving yourself as an expert. In the digital age, customers already have access to endless information.
Instead of adding up to the information pile, show them how you are a specialist. Focus on a single location/region, provide them with personalized recommendations and enhance their travel experience.

• Improve your sales pitch

Rather than giving the standard, bland replies to client’s queries, provide them with something memorable. When they ask you about your company, show them how you are different and why is it a good idea to hire you. Memorize your sales pitch, be dynamic and bold to tweak it according to the situation and client’s preferences.

• Grow on Relationships

Instead of trying to sell something every time, gain your prospect’s trust. Show them how he/she can rely on you for travel advice. Improve your relationship building skills and see how everyone will come back to you with more business.

• Build a credible reputation

When you are into travel and tourism industry, it is expected that you have some form of credibility and brand image. Customers look to avail services from brands which have a credible online and offline presence.
Get featured in national or local news, ask for testimonials and feedback and promote your brand, online to improve your reputation.

• Be Tech-savvy

Instead of relying on age-old practices, focus on building new channels for business acquisition. Build your website and make sure it is regularly updated. Don’t just create a website for the sake of creating one. Make sure the website adds value to a traveler’s life by giving him/her necessary information, the option to book your services, and so forth.

• Stay Responsive, 24×7

While you may think travelers might not need help at night, it is quite the opposite. Your prospects might be looking for some information, and when they don’t get a response, they can move to your competitor. To evade this possibility, stay responsive. Use smartphones to access your emails, create digital booking dashboard by investing in technology to provide them assistance, whenever they need.

• Improve your Operational Efficiency

Well, everyone in the tourism business can agree to a statement. There is always room for improvement regarding operational efficiency. When you have so many aspects to manage, things get out of hand. By investing in technology, you can streamline your operations.
Have a digital bookings dashboard, connect your fleet to a single network and accept bookings online. This will help you automate different aspects so that you can focus on core activities.

• Harness the power of Social Media

Being active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media handles can be extremely rewarding. Instead of trying to lure clients, attract them to your proposition. Give them something to talk about and share. See how business flows in when you have a thriving community of interested travelers talking about your business, online.

• Join a driving industry force

Marketing your business can be hard when you have other things to handle, too. That is why one of the best ways to grow your business is to partner with a growing platform. There are many platforms to help you grow your business, take more bookings, improve operations, and so forth. Explore and choose wisely.

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