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Tripping Buddies

Tripping Buddies: Collecting Moments, Not Things!

We all love a good road trip every now and then and having friends on the road makes it even more memorable – for better or for worse. Traveling is a liberating experience and traveling in a group is a stress buster. Tripping Buddies, All the fun and activities might be exhausting but are rejuvenating at the same time. From the very moment we hop in the vehicle to start the journey, every traveler in the group assumes more or less consciously, a specific role that might live with them for the rest of the trip.

Tripping Buddies are about exploring a new place, conquering fears together and experiencing the beautiful nature. Creating these memories that last a lifetime help us bond better with others. One should understand the different characteristics and behaviors of other people which eventually make you grow humble and calmer in life. A group travel aids people to achieve this effortlessly.

We all have that one person who makes our travel even better, someone who makes the trip worthwhile and more fun just by being there. Most times the groupies come with some key characteristic that makes them both annoying and fun at the same time. We have shortlisted few such behavioral characteristics of people traveling in a group in this post. To help everyone relate to their tripping buddy stories from India wanderings, where their buddy annoyed them with his/her weird habits and yet helped everyone around have a great time.

Tripping Buddies Collection List 2020

The Planner

That one person in the group who plans way too much with a detailed SWOT analysis and all possible outcomes undertaken for any scenario that may come up. This attitude gets on the nerves to a point that you just bluntly say no to any suggestion this person puts forward although this very same group member ends up saving you in difficult situations because he/she pre-planned and hence is an integral part of any planning cause you can be a carefree kid around them.

The Budget Traveler

Shout out to these saintly beings, which unknowingly help you save so much. This person may or may not have an actual background in finance, but as soon as they are on holidays, they are ready to take charge of everyone’s funds and the responsibility to spend them wisely. They will be the key decision maker in how group is spending the funds. Not that they aren’t annoying with the budgeting of everything possible. But once the trip is over and you are getting diving in the picture albums and memories from the trip, the credit card bills start to give you chills, these are the people we pay so much gratitude to. They help us save on all those unnecessary expenses we were impulsively going for.

Also, when it comes to post trip settlements these are the go-to people for it. If there is a complicated spreadsheet at the end of the trip with payments required to multiple creditors, they got it covered. Even for concerns like- If I only eat a main, and you eat an entrée AND a dessert, are we still splitting the bill in equal parts? Either way, they’re on it and they would settle it all happily.

The Thrill Seeker

Tripping Buddies, the one that seeks out adventure in everything and forces the whole group to try new exciting things. This high energy soul gets on the whole group’s nerves forcing everyone to do things they have no energy left for. Also, this is the reason why you would end up exploring new things and have an amazing experience on the trip. These high on energy thrill seekers are the reason behind many beautiful memories and experiences of our lives.

Tripping Buddy The Photographer

Tripping Buddies, Capturing moments to have a picture of a beautiful memory saved to look at again and again in the future is beautiful. And we all love it. Although we all have that one friend who is obsessed with photography and irritates you by just clicking pictures all the time. But as soon as the trip ends, we seek out to the photographer of the group for pictures to relive our memories. So, no matter how much you get annoyed with the group’s photographer, we can never ignore this integral member of the group on a trip.

Tripping Buddy The Food Fan

The groupie who lives for food. The lasting hunger and never ending need to try food at different places with multiple stoppages is so much fun. You can get tired of the stoppages he/she takes but you can never get tired of the delicious dishes they make you try while traveling. The real experience of exploring a new place comes from its food and culture. Food instantly gives you the vibe of the place and the food fan in the group makes sure you explore this vertical thoroughly.

The Internal Sat-Nav

We all have that one person in every group who thinks that he/she knows it all. Your whole travel plan modifies with this person’s suggestions and their annoying need to be right at every place, in every moment. Maybe this person has been to the destination of your group holiday before, or maybe they’ve just read various things about the place or the guide very closely. Or probably they’re just a person with a lot of opinions, and they are going to make them heard. They will make sure things are happening their way but as much as we stay irritated with them, that knowledge comes very handy at so many moments. All their readings and research work can get you out of the most difficult situations, making them an integral member of every group travel that’s planned.

The Escapist

The lone wolf of the group. The escapist of the group is the one who teaches you on how to enjoy your trip and soak the journey. They teach you how spending time with yourself and understanding the true essence of travel is necessary. Although we often feel that this person is missing on the fun and activities but this is the solo soul in a group who observes things like no one else would. Just a small talk with them can make you feel happier in life and make your trip worthwhile. After all, somewhere we all know that it’s the moments and time well spent that matters more than any kind of materialism.

Now let’s agree to disagree, we all end up having people with the above-mentioned traits in our travel plans. And still have the best time and laughs with them around. Choosing a travel companion is as important as choosing the destinations. When it comes to tripping buddies traveling in a group there is a certainty that particular personalities will emerge and facilitate the sometimes amazing. Sometimes tense dynamics that are the guarantee of a group-travel. Look forward to hanging out with the above characters next time you travel en masse and just enjoy the journey.

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February 4th, 2020