Ultimate Travel Safety Checklist

Buckle Up: Your Ultimate Travel Safety Checklist

“As long as you have an open mind, able body and a benevolent heart, you will be safe everywhere.” This might not hold true each time you travel, as journeys come with a host of risks. Take our ultimate travel safety checklist in your stride before your next trip.

Nowadays people mostly travel for fun, freedom, and the fancy of new places, nature, and people. And the travellers are often faced with situations and dilemmas where safety and security issues spoil the peace. It becomes increasingly important to be prepared for such situations beforehand. Modern travelers need to plan their journeys keeping their safety as a top priority, taking into consideration all the dos and don’ts before hopping on the new journey. Check out these 12 ultimate travel safety checklist to help you take a trip that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

1. Smartphone for safety

Your smartphone is your lifeline when you travel. Set an emergency number as your screen saver with the Emergency Contact Number clearly visible and keep a friends or relatives number on speed dial who can respond to your calls in distress. Keep a copy of your passport, visa and other important documents in your smartphone for you to access in case of need.

2. Copy Important Documents

You must make multiple copies of your license, passport, identity cards, and travel documents before setting out for the journey and store them separately from the original. You can also keep a copy of the document with your relative or friend aware about your travel. It is also advisable to upload the digital copies of your documents on the Google Drive and access them at anytime from anywhere.

3. Verified Service Providers

This is the most important travel safety checklist and tips from local guides. For all the travel-related services, always prefer a verified service provider while opting for travel, either registered tour operators authenticated by tourism departments or well-known cab or guide service providers. Make sure that your online cab aggregator or the tour company has a policy of verifying individuals like drivers and tour guides.

4. Avoid Places of Active Conflict

Avoid Places of Active Conflict

Travellers must avoid places of active conflict and check the law and order situation of these places before heading to a place previously affected by conflict. It is better to be safe than sorry.

5. Keep Someone Updated

While travelling especially when travelling solo, keep someone back home a friend, family member or a relative updated. Keep a pre decided check-in frequency which in-case breached may prompt a call from the individual keeping a tab. Any travel safety plan is as reliable as the people who you depend upon during your journey.

6. Secure Your Home

During Travel Safety Checklist avoid any mishaps back home owing to your love for social media postings while you’re on vacation. The tech savvy burglars watch over social media sites and take cue from such posts to find their next place to break in while travellers inadvertently tip them off by announcing their check-ins at far off places. Secure your homes properly or prefer uploading photographs with locations once you are back home.

7. Memorize Emergency Numbers

While travelling, memorize the contact numbers of your local contact/person who can respond to you in-case of an emergency because you may not always be able to contact the police when in need. Travellers must always memorize the name and address of their hotels.

8. Know Local Traditions & Customs

Do not get into quarrels while travelling. Before heading to a new place, a traveller must accustom himself or herself with local customs and traditions especially with regard to clothing, and things to avoid. A lot of things which you may deem normal might be offensive in the local culture. As a traveller, one must respect the local customs and try not to offend people and their beliefs. Many places forbid certain type of clothes, public display of affection or are sensitive to different kinds of behaviors or expressions.

9. Less or No Valuables

Travellers must not carry too much cash or wear valuables which can attract attention of robbers or miscreants. As a traveller, one must travel only with the relevant valuables and try to fit in instead of standing out. Also, travellers as a precaution must take out money during day when there are lots of people around.

10. Personal Safety

As usual, the places frequented by families and children are usually safe and the visitors especially solo travellers can prefer these areas. Also, travellers must avoid secluded places and roads especially at night. Preferring the usual routes to the short cuts makes the travel safer. Prefer not to resist if being robbed, you may lose some valuables but you can save your life.

11. Do Not Hitch Hike

Travellers must prefer a proper mode of transportation and avoid hitch hiking. Hitch hiking exposes a clueless tourist to a greater threat. Tourist places are often frequented by soft spoken touts; make sure that you take precautions before you mingle with a friendly person at a tourist place.

12. Yes to Travel Insurance

As a traveller, one should expect the unexpected. You must avail travel insurance which is available for individuals, couples and families. It encompasses a multitude of matters and problems owing to the trip going wrong. You can recover unexpected expenses owing to medical emergencies, lost baggage, trip cancellations or delays, and more. Read the insurance document carefully and keep the number of their hotline noted and easily accessible.


Travel, like life has its ups and downs which makes each journey unique and rewarding in terms of human experience. However, following a proper checklist for your own safety as a precaution is both wise and fruitful. Journeys are fulfilling as all the challenges and adventure becomes part of your travel memorabilia adding a unique perspective to the life of each traveller.

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January 17th, 2020