About Gurgaon

A Millennium City Famous for its Malls and Skyscrapers.

Gurgaon, also known as Gurugram, is a suburban city of Delhi, just across the state line in Haryana. It is close to Delhi-Haryana border and is about 30 kilometers away from the national capital New Delhi. It is one of the major satellites cities of Delhi and is part of NCR or National Capital Region of India. Often referred as ‘Millennium City’ – Gurgaon boasts over a million inhabitants and is today, a leading financial and industrial hub of India. It holds local offices of more than 250 Fortune 500 companies ranging from Accenture to Xerox.

Being the only city in India supplying electricity to all households, Gurgaon is endorsed by a wide range of noteworthy buildings of different styles from distinct time periods. It is also called the unofficial mall capital of India as it holds the maximum number of malls per square mile than anywhere else in India. And food? Well, it is a place where you will encounter lip-smacking street food. Markets such as sector 4 and 23 offer street food that you simply cannot resist.

A visit to Gurgaon will surely be a rejuvenating experience that will charge you to tackle your daily chores more efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Book yourself a nice Delhi to Gurgaon taxi today and experience the wonders of this incredible city.

Gurgaon is…

Considered a historic city.
Also known as Gurugram.
Home to 252
Fortune 500 companies.
A thriving industrial and
financial hub with 3rd highest
per capita income in India.
Contributing Haryana’s 40%
of the revenues.
Famous for its skyscrapers.
An important satellite
city of Delhi.
One of the best
cities in Haryana.

Must-See Places

Kingdom Of Dreams

If you are a Bollywood movie fan, this place is for you! Here, you can enjoy live Bollywood-style performances that are sure to mesmerize you with their creativity and innovation. Kingdom of Dreams is the amalgamation of India’s culture, heritage, art, tradition, craft, cuisine and performing art – all of that mixed with the magic of today’s cutting-edge technological advances. There’s so much to explore about it. The more you do, the more you will be surprised. This place is also known as the Culture Gully of Gurgaon because of the awe-inspiring Bollywood style live performances happening here. The out-of-the-box concepts and their originality is what makes this place a hotspot for everyone. Thus, make sure you tick this place while on your visit to Gurgaon.

Sultanpur National Park

Sultanpur National Park was once known as Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. Being one of the most famous national parks of India, it beholds some of the most amazing bird species from across the globe. The best time to visit this park is during winters. Here, you will get to see purple sunbird, great egret, thick-knee, Indian roller, spot billed duck and many more that will surely surprise you if you are a keen observer of birds. Every year, more than 90 diversified migratory bird species come here to experience this national park. It is by far one of the best national parks in Gurgaon. Thus, if you love to visit such natural places – Sultanpur National Park should be a must-see place in Gurgaon.

Vintage Camera Museum & Foundation

Here is a museum portraying cameras and prints spanning a century. The Vintage Camera museum has more than 1000 vintage cameras along with the pictures they took in those days. It is an appointment-only museum with photographs and displays of rare and antique cameras from around the world. This museum has inspired many of the aspiring photographers to create their best work. With a diversified range of cameras, the collection surely deserves a visit.

An important section of the museum is the remarkable collection of 20k original silver prints documenting our country’s freedom movement. These images are inherited from the work of Kulwant Roy – a freelance photographer. Today, 227 images are part of the national collection.

Things To Do

Gurgaon has a lot to offer! Every corner of the city is filled with exuberance and vitality that is rare to find anywhere else. Here are few things you must tick while you are on your trip to Gurgaon.

Lip-smacking Food

Starting from sweets to spicy food – and everything in between is unique and distinctly delicious here. The city has several spots where you can find such delicious food. Few important food destinations include, 21 Gun Salute, Bombay Best Paav-Bhaji in sector 4, Gohana famous Jalebi, Nukkadwala and many more! The list can continue. However, the best thing would be to explore these food-spots yourself and experience the uniqueness of the food here.

Heritage Transport Museum

If you love auto-mobiles, Heritage Transport Museum is for you. This museum has a massive collection of rare, unique and exclusive cars that are sure to surprise you with their beauty and magnificence. As of now, there are more than 75 vintage and classic cars at the museum. The ambience here, is next to none. Here, you will also find a vintage petrol pump, a special section showcasing the role of cars in Bollywood, and many more such interesting things worth exploring.

Leisure Valley Park

Here is a park full of lush green trees radiating exuberance from within. Leisure Valley Park stands true for its name. It is an amazing recreational space with various picnic spots, fountains, musical water shows, and a rose garden that is sure to mesmerize you with its fragrance and beauty.
From markets to museums – Gurgaon holds some of the most amazing places that you could visit and enjoy. So are you ready to take on a marvelous road adventure to the city with rich and diversified natural magnificence? Book cab service Delhi to Gurgaon today to start your journey!

How To Reach?

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