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To log-in to Driver App, below are the mentioned steps:

  • 1. Download Beep Driver App from Play Store.
  • 2. Enter your Car Number.
  • 3. Enter Password (Set by Travel Operator)
  • 4. Click on ‘Login’ button.

When you get any trip from Travel operator you will be notified with Trip Id and all details.

  • 1. Open Beep Driver App.
  • 2. Click on View trip.
  • 3. Trip List will be display.

To check customers, pick up location, follow below are mentioned steps:

  • 1. Click on ‘View Trip’
  • 2. Click on Trip you want to check location.
  • 3. Click on ‘View Pick up Location’ button.
  • 1. Click on ‘View Trip’
  • 2. Click on Trip from given Trip List.
  • 3. You will be check below details:
    • Client Name
    • Contact No.
    • Booking Date and Time
    • Trip Start Date
    • Pick Up Time
    • Car Name
    • Car Type
    • Start Point
    • End Point
    • View Pickup Location
  • 1. Click on ‘View Trip’
  • 2. Click on ‘Start’ button.
  • 3. Enter Start Km.
  • 4. Click on ‘Submit’ button. (Waiting for Customer Response)
  • 5. Once Customer approves the trip you will get notification like ‘Client Approved Trip!’ and trip will start automatically.

Yes, if you take a halt or anything like that you can pause the trip at that time. To pause trip you just need to click on ‘Pause’ button.


To Resume Trip you just have to click on ‘Resume Trip’ button.

  • 1. Click on My Trip.
  • 2. Click on View Trip.
  • 3. Click on ‘Map Icon’.
  • 4. Map route will be displayed.
  • 1. Click on ‘End Trip’button
  • 2. Enter End Km, Toll Tax, Parking Charges.
  • 3. Click on ‘Submit’button
  • 1. Sign up Duty slip with customer.
  • 2. Submit duty slip with your respective Travel Operator.
  • 3. Travel Operator will close the trip by using Duty slip.

Once you end the trip, invoice will be automatically generated and pop up come on your screen with all the details of the respective trip.

Below detail will be display:

  • Start Km, End Km
  • Start Date/Time, End Date/Time
  • Total Km
  • Base fare
  • Toll tax
  • Parking Charges
  • Driver Allowance
  • Advance Payment
  • Billable Amount

Once you end the trip the invoice will displayed automatically in your screen.

  • 1. Customer will send the notification after selecting payment mode.
  • 2. ‘Cash Received’ button will be enable automatically.
  • 3. Click on ‘Cash Received’ button once you receive money (Cash) from customer.
  • 1. Click on ‘Cash Invoice’ menu.
  • 2. List of pending invoices will be displayed.

Yes, You can use Driver App with your own local language.


Yes, You can use Driver App with your own local language.

  • 1. Click on ‘Language’ menu.
  • 2. Select Language from given list of languages.
  • 3. Once you select any language the app will convert automatically into that language

Live booking is the new service which is shown on Driver app. This Feature is too be used when you want to visible your Cab for particular route. So, once you done with that, It shows your cab on Customer application.


You have follows below steps to generate live bookings Request.

  • 1. Open the live booking menu
  • 2. Enter Pick up date / Pick up Time
  • 3. Enter Drop Date/ Drop Time
  • 4. Set route
  • 5. Choose price per seat
  • 6. Enter available Seats.

When you done with that, Click on Generate Trip button and your request would be generated.


App Will notify with Message for any upcoming request from Customer end. In your app you have to click on notification and will redirect you on live booking page where you can take action to accept/reject.